BiondVax to get half a million EURO

The 12 UNISEC members, each expert in the influenza field, are committed to accelerating clinical development of universal influenza vaccines. Nes Ziona, Israel – October 3rd 2013 – BiondVax is a member of the UNISEC consortium, which has successfully merited an FP7 award and just finalized the mandatory agreements to allow activation of a 6 million EURO grant, of which about 550 thousand is allocated to BiondVax. The Seventh Framework Program for Research (FP7) is a prestigious grant awarded by the European Commission to top tier research teams in academia and industry conducting studies with groundbreaking potential. The UNISEC consortium brings together 4 industry partners, 3 university partners and 5 National Health Institutes, each with expertise in influenza research and development and the shared goal of bringing to the public a universal influenza vaccine.

Utilizing the clinical trial network of the consortium, BiondVax will perform a human clinical study examining the benefits of priming with BiondVax’s universal flu vaccine, a new approach to public preparedness ahead of pandemic outbreak. In addition, BiondVax is responsible for harnessing the experience of all the consortium members to define a set of criteria concerning the technical and immunological characteristics of a universal influenza vaccine – including candidate cellular biomarkers for protection. BiondVax’s role in this consortium reflects our expertise in clinical development of a universal influenza vaccine.

Dr Tanya Gottlieb, responsible for BiondVax’s BD and international grant applications, comments “Our participation in this multinational FP7 collaboration dedicated to improving public protection against seasonal and pandemic influenza signifies BiondVax’s standing in the global universal flu vaccine space.”