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Welcome to BiondVax
BiondVax is an innovative biopharmaceutical company developing a Universal Flu Vaccine, designed to provide multi-season and multi-strain protection against most human influenza virus strains, including both seasonal and pandemic flu strains.

BiondVax’s technology utilizes a unique, proprietary combination of conserved and common epitopes from influenza virus proteins to activate both arms of the immune system for a cross-protecting and long-lasting effect.

BiondVax has successfully completed two Phase II and two Phase I/II clinical trials of the lead product, the Multimeric-001 Universal Flu Vaccine. In all four trials, the vaccine was shown to be safe and immunogenic, successfully stimulating both humoral and cellular immune responses. 

Pre-clinical and clinical results support that Multimeric-001 is a universal flu vaccine that in the event of a pandemic could be administered as a pandemic primer, to prepare the population immunologically while the pandemic strain-specific vaccine is manufactured.
Recent News and Events
 Vaccine co BiondVax raises $9.5m in Nasdaq IPO
BiondVax Receives Approvals for Patents in Europe and Japan for its Universal Flu Vaccine
29 October 2014
BiondVax Receives a Confirmation for a Grant of 4.87 million NIS from the Office of the Chief Scientist 
8 September 2014
BiondVax to Initiate the Process for Trading the Company's Shares in the US through ADR
2 April 2014
BiondVax Meets with the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to Present Use of its Universal Flu Vaccine against Global Pandemic Influenza Outbreak
26 February 2014
BiondVax will Present Clinical Results and the Company's Strategy for Pandemic Preparedness Ahead of Flu Outbreak at the World Health Organization's Key Influenza Meeting
17 February 2014
BiondVax Receives Patent Registration Approval for Multimeric Multiepitope Vaccines in Hong Kong As Well As Allowance of Patent Registration in the US for the Company's Universal Flu Vaccine
10 February 2014
BiondVax's Universal Influenza Vaccine Matches All 6 Potentially Pandemic Flu Strains in the World Today
21 January 2014
Recent Company Facts and Figures
BiondVax Company Presentation - Biomed 2015
May 2015
BiondVax Company Presentation - Biomed 2014
May 2014
BiondVax Corporate Presentation
January 2014
BiondVax Corporate Presentation (Hebrew)
November 2012
BiondVax: Mitigating Pandemic Threat
January 2014
Financial Information

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BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Science Park, 14 Einstein Street

PO Box 4143

Ness Ziona, 74140, Israel

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