Published October 2016 in the prestigious Vaccine Journal, BiondVax’s M-001 is noted as the most advanced candidate from five European Commission (EC) funded consortiums pursuing a universal flu vaccine. The article explains that, “the M-001 vaccine contains a single recombinant protein consisting of triplicates of nine conserved epitopes identified from the HA stem, M1, and NP. Earlier trials on M-001 show that the vaccine is safe and able to elicit influenza-specific nonneutralizing antibodies and T cell responses in both young and older (65+) adults [50]. Moreover, M-001 was shown to prime antibody responses elicited by conventional TIV and increase the seroconversion rate induced by TIV [51]. Based on these observations, the capacity of M-001 to be a pandemic primer is further tested in the current phase IIb study…”

The journal article reviews the purpose and progress of the EC consortiums including that of UNISEC, of which BiondVax is proud to be a participating member.

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