BiondVax’s Financial Reports and Results

Please select from the links below to the financial reports with BiondVax’s quarterly and year-end financial results.

Results PeriodPress ReleaseEnglish ReportHebrew ReportXBRL
Q2 2020Press ReleaseSEC
Q1 2020Press ReleaseSEC
FY & Q4 2019Press ReleaseSECZIP
Q3 2019Press ReleaseSEC
Q2 2019Press ReleaseSEC
Q1 2019Press ReleaseSEC
FY & Q4 2018Press ReleaseSECZIP
Q3 2018Press ReleaseSEC
Q2 2018Press ReleaseSEC
Q1 2018Press ReleaseSEC
FY & Q4 2017Press ReleasePDFZIP
Q3 2017Press ReleaseSEC
Q2 2017Press ReleaseSEC
Q1 2017Press ReleaseSEC
FY & Q4 2016Press ReleasePDF
 Q3 2016Press ReleasePDF
 Q2 2016Press ReleasePDF
 Q1 2016Press ReleasePDF
FY & Q4 2015Press ReleasePDF
 Q3 2015Press Release
  Q2 2015Press ReleasePDFPDF
  Q1 2015Press ReleasePDFPDF
  Q4 2014PDFPDF
  Q3 2014PDF
  Q2 2014PDF
  Q1 2014PDF

BiondVax routinely files periodic reports with the SEC. Note that BiondVax files with the SEC as a foreign filer. Click here to view SEC Filings.

Note: The above is a hyperlink to a third-party SEC Filings web site. BiondVax does not maintain or provide information directly to this site. BiondVax makes no representations or warranties with respect to the information contained in this site.