BiondVax’s shareholders approve appointment of Jack Rosen to the Board of Directors

Nes Ziona, Israel – July 17 th 2013 – BiondVax announced today that Jack Rosen, current President of the American Jewish Congress, Chairman of the American Council for World Jewry, Inc., and founder and Chief Executive Officer of the successful New York real estate firm, Rosen Partners LLC, has joined BiondVax’s Board of Directors. Since founding Rosen Partners LLC almost 30 years ago, Mr Rosen has grown his company to become a leader in creating residential, commercial and hotel developments worldwide. In addition, Mr. Rosen currently serves as a Board Director at Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc., New York, NY. His wide array of business interests includes ventures operating throughout the United States, Europe and Asia in healthcare, cosmetics, telecommunications and security. Notably, a longtime advisor to US presidents from both parties, Mr Rosen has received various appointments including membership of the NASA Advisory Council.

BiondVax’s CEO, Dr Ron Babecoff, comments “Mr Rosen brings to the Board his many years of global business experience and entrepreneurship. BiondVax’s universal influenza vaccine represents a new paradigm for influenza pandemic preparedness AHEAD of the next pandemic. I strongly believe that together with Jack Rosen we can revolutionize protection against influenza worldwide”.